Donate to the Poudre School District Foundation

The Poudre School District Foundation has a Compassion Fund to help take care of our PSD students and families who are experiencing housing, food, and other basic necessity insecurities.

We know that students who are experiencing basic-need insecurities tend to have a more difficult time focusing on learning. When a student doesn’t know where they will sleep at night or if they will eat dinner how can they be expected to focus on schoolwork?

PSD Foundation has helped PSD families with financial assistance to help provide basic necessities.

Your gift to the PSD Foundation Compassion Fund will help support the following areas and more:

Emergency family relief – providing basic needs like food, housing assistance, and transportation

Staff Hardship Assistance Program – providing financial assistance to staff members experiencing financial hardship

All donations go directly to the Compassion Fund, helping PSD families in need. Join us in supporting our PSD community and donate today! #PSDFsharethelove

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