Teacher Externships



The PSD Teacher Externship Program gives high school and middle school teachers and administrators opportunities to work with local businesses to gain additional expertise in their content area. Participants are encouraged to learn about academic pathways into sectors and industries, employment expectations, and future opportunities, then share this information with their students and colleagues.

New insights into degree and training requirements, certifications, employer expectations, and employment trends in your industry are shared with students to better prepare them for lifelong success beyond graduation.


  • Teachers and administrators are selected for participation through an application process. Successful candidates are chosen by a committee comprised of the Assistant Superintendent of Student Achievement; Executive Director of Human Resources; Director of Post-Secondary and Workforce Readiness; and Community Partnerships Coordinator. All applicants are permitted to re-apply for future opportunities, but preference is given to new applicants when possible.
  • Business partners provide 40 hours of experience over the course of the externship. Experiences may include job shadowing, interviews with staff, project support, facility tours, etc. Business partners and teacher externs are asked to meet at the start of the externship to create an experience that supports both parties.
  • Externships may take place anytime between June 1 and July 31. Spring Break opportunities may also be available. How the externship hours are scheduled is individual to each externship based on business partner and teacher availability, projects, workload, etc.
  • Teacher stipends, worker’s compensation, and liability insurance is covered by PSD through a grant from the PSD Foundation. There is no cost to the business partner. Teachers must complete a Final Report for program completion, and business partners are asked to complete a short program evaluation.