SPIE Grants: Supporting Partnership in Innovative Education

SPIE grants provide resources for teachers to implement innovative programs and projects that might not otherwise be available. Grants range from just a few hundred dollars to a maximum of $8,000 and can support any program or project that is directly related to academics. Recipients of SPIE grants are celebrated at the Foundation’s Annual Community Breakfast in April. At this event, community members learn even more about programs and provide financial support needed to ignite future opportunities.See some of the SPIE grant projects in action and learn how they’ve made an impact on PSD students. You can also view a complete list of ignited projects made possible through the Foundation.

PLEASE NOTE:  Request for Supporting Media Content

If you are awarded a SPIE grant, please collect and retain photographs, video or other media content for use during the PSD Foundation’s Annual Breakfast.  These images will help tell the story of your project and its success. All media content will be due with the Final Report.

Grant recipients will be required to create a display highlighting their project. A template will be provided to all recipients.