Mission and Values

PSD Foundation Mission and Vision

Vision: To ensure that all PSD students graduate prepared to be successful in our ever- changing world by demonstrating the sound results and principles of public education.

Mission: Through Inspiring community investments, the PSD Foundation is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities that compliment and celebrates every student, quality teachers, and innovative programming.

Strategic Goal: To advance community, business, and philanthropic partnerships through engagement that demonstrates need, benefits, and outcomes that come with supporting the Poudre School District.

Strategic Objectives: The PSD Foundation funds programs and services that supplement the normal operations of the Poudre School District. PSD Foundation funding support includes awards based on criteria below:

  • Provides an innovative and unique educational opportunity for a classroom or program in grades K-12 outside the normal operations of the district via grant request process
  • Enhances the current curriculum offerings in grades K-12 through innovative enhancements
  • As relevant, support extra-curricular activities that benefit district programs.
  • Programs must demonstrate support and awareness-  and application of diversity and inclusion