Excellence in Education Awards


The PSD Foundation hosts and funds the Excellence in Education Dinner for the Poudre School District.  The purpose is to recognize and honor teachers in the district who are exceptional in their ability to build positive relationships with students and inspire them through creative and innovative teaching methods.  On February 26th, 2018, eleven teachers from schools that feed into Fort Collins high school will be honored as Teachers of the Year from their respective schools.  One of the finalists will be selected as the Excellence in Education Teacher of the Year for the district and will be announced during the program.  In subsequent years the following feeders will be honored:  2019 Fossil Ridge High School,  2020 Rocky Mountain High School, and 2021 Poudre High School.

The 2018 Teacher of the Year Finalists from the Fort Collins High School feeder are:

  • Zuleyka Adorno-Calderon, Harris
  • Jo Dixon, Lesher
  • Elizabeth Gentry, Boltz
  • Ryan James, Poudre Global Academy
  • Janet Stellingwerf, Kruse
  • Cathy Sularski, Shepardson
  • Catherine Thomsen, Laurel
  • Katie Turney, Linton
  • Jason Tyler, Fort Collins High School
  • Patti Zamora, O’Dea
  • Valerie Zell, Riffenburgh

The 2017 District winner was Melissa Hodson from Irish Elementary and the finalists and winners from their respective schools were:

  • Sarah Bayer, Polaris                          
  • Jeff Brubaker, Poudre                      
  • Rob Deakin, Tavelli                           
  • Cheryl Duke, CLPMS                         
  • Amanda Ferguson, Wellington       
  • Carolyn Karnes, Rice
  • Kerry Kehm, Putnam             
  • Kathy Zabel, Dunn
  • Kyla Walker, Lincoln
  • Pamela Sky, CLPE
  • Kasey Ross, Red Feather
  • Kendra Neal, Eyestone
  • Kerry Kehm, Putnam

Since 2000, the Foundation has recognized and honored over 125 teachers at our Excellence in Education events.