About the Poudre School District Foundation

PSD Foundation Mission and Vision

Vision: To ensure that all PSD students graduate prepared to be successful in our ever- changing world by demonstrating the sound results and principles of public education.

Mission: Through Inspiring community investments, the PSD Foundation is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities that compliment and celebrates every student, quality teachers, and innovative programming.

Strategic Goal: To advance community, business, and philanthropic partnerships through engagement that demonstrates need, benefits, and outcomes that come with supporting the Poudre School District.

Strategic Objectives: The PSD Foundation funds programs and services that supplement the normal operations of the Poudre School District. PSD Foundation funding support includes awards based on criteria below:

  • Provides an innovative and unique educational opportunity for a classroom or program in grades K-12 outside the normal operations of the district via grant request process
  • Enhances the current curriculum offerings in grades K-12 through innovative enhancements
  • As relevant, support extra-curricular activities that benefit district programs.
  • Programs must demonstrate support and awareness-  and application of diversity and inclusion

The Poudre School District Foundation ignites powerful learning opportunities that would not otherwise be financially possible. We provide the resources for teachers to implement innovative programs and projects that positively impact student achievement. With support from the community and funding organizations, our students will have access to powerful learning opportunities.

GraduationThe Fort Collins area community is fortunate to be supported by an incredibly high quality school district that provides our children with an excellent education. However, out of the 50 states, Colorado is 43rd in funding schools on a per-student basis. In addition, out of the 178 school districts in Colorado, Poudre School District receives one of the lowest amounts per student from the state as a result of current state funding formulas.

In response, our local community has supported the District by providing additional resources through mill levy overrides to increase the financial support schools receive. However, there is still a gap in funding the educational opportunities we desire for children in our community. The Foundation aims to fill that gap.

The Foundation board and committee members are passionate individuals – parents, community members, retirees, business leaders, anyone with the desire to help students achieve their full potential – with the goal of providing resources to further the Poudre School District’s mission to “Educate…Every Child, Every Day.” Our goal is to make a positive impact on our students and the teachers who inspire them and help them excel.